Computer Art

Below is an image that I created in Adobe Illustrator using lots of colour gradients, blending and gradient mesh. The image was drawn for printing on a A2 format but because it is vectored there is no actual size limitation. The image was inspired by the rock guitarist Slash, on YouTube, playing Hey Joe, with Stevie Winwood, at the Jimi Hendrix Memorial Concert (I recommend that you watch it if you get a chance)…




Suprematism  led on to Constructivism, which was founded in Moscow by Alesandr Rodchenko in 1913. This movement was inspired by the political egalitarianism of the Russian proletariate and used its influence to promote the values of the revolution, through propaganda and agitation.


One of the most well-mown and prolific artist members of this group was El Lissitzky. Below is one of his most famous posters, which used photomontage and emphasised youthfulness.