Bullrushes v2

This is the original version of the bullrushes, which is preferred by my peers!



iPad Painting

This is the iPad painting that I have produced to complete a trio of the same composition – the original drawn on site, last year, with Hereford Painting Club and the subsequent watercolour. All of these will be shown at an exhibition which will be held in April at Worcester Cathedral…..

T-Shirt Designs

We were given a live brief to create T-Shirt designs for the Marine Conservation Society and if chosen the designs would be printed and used in their on-line shop, as fund-raising merchandise but more importantly for promoting awareness of the vast amount of pollution that is now being dumped in our sewers, rivers and the oceans. This is now prominent headline news, together with the general destruction of nature, the environment and planet Earth…….



Live Brief

Last week at college we were given a project to design an image for the Performing Arts Degree students who will be touring with a deconstructed version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein around college and sixth forms across the three counties and are looking for an initial image idea to get the publicity machine rolling.

The full name of the production is: The Vagabond Vaudeville presents Mary Shelley’s fabulous and fantastical fable of “Frankenstein”.

This is a production in the vein of the Victorian Penny Dreadful: horror, comedy, circus and musical all wrapped into one. The Vagabond Vaudeville are desperate, travelling Victorian theatre company under the control of a megalomaniac Emcee; they are used to playing in dingy theatres and crowded beer halls. Some even have pretensions of being serious actors. I hope this gives you the flavour of the production.

Think Sherlock Holmes meets Moulin Rouge meets the Circus of horrors.

This is the image that I created in response….

Frankenstein green text