Graphic Representation of a Song Line

Each member of the group was given a line from a song, at random, and we had to manipulate text to convey the meaning. I was given “People try to put us down, just because we get around” [My Generation – The Who] and this is my design, which will be silk-screen printed to make a poster….



Advanced Photoshop – Masks

under-waterThis image was produced by using the following techniques:-

Using place rather than move to create a layer with an image that fits the background layer.

Making a mask by using the quick selection tool and having the auto-enhance selected.

Using select and mask to refine a selection and then using the output settings before moving the image into the main file. Minor changes were made with the brush tool.

Creating text on a wavy line by using create warped text on the top bar.

Filter > Displace (with a new reference image opened from the sea layer) to create a text that merges with the sea.