Trevor Burton Band

On Sunday 1st April I went with my cousin Phil to the Prince of Wales Pub in Ledbury to have a drink and listen to the Trevor Burton Band. It was an excellent afternoon with Robinson’s cider on tap acccompanied by well played blues music by the band. Trevor is a famous guitarist and used to play with The Move in the sixties. I took some quick pictures on my iPhone, in very bad light conditions. However, with the help of photoshop I was able to produce the following image…….



T-Shirt Designs

We were given a live brief to create T-Shirt designs for the Marine Conservation Society and if chosen the designs would be printed and used in their on-line shop, as fund-raising merchandise but more importantly for promoting awareness of the vast amount of pollution that is now being dumped in our sewers, rivers and the oceans. This is now prominent headline news, together with the general destruction of nature, the environment and planet Earth…….